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Trainer Smarter, Play Harder

In the year of 2020, adults and youth are craving instant knowledge more ferociously than ever before. We want to know the answers and we want them now. In the exercise world, trainers are constantly keeping their perspective lenses on especially when it comes to helping their clients reach their long term goals. We are always being […]

Endurance for Strength

Strength training is a tricky subject for an endurance athlete. Particularly if you’re a recreational athlete, it’s hard to see the benefits of being “strong.” When you look at the elites, they rarely look like our typical definition of strong, right? When you look at your extremely endurance-capable friends, do they look “strong” compared to […]

4 at-home exercises to prep for ski season

Ski season is approaching quickly. If you expect to hop off the couch and onto the mountain with no injuries – you are mistaken! Those ski muscles have been resting all summer long. Here’s the secret. You need to train year-round for max performance on the hill. Don’t have time for the gym? No problem. Try […]