Mobile Strength

A weekly class focused on your joints! Mobility is often misunderstood as flexibility, but in truth they are two totally different things. Flexibility is the ability of tissue to lengthen passively, such as stretching. Flexibility itself is misunderstood, and can often cause more problems than it solves. (instability.) Mobility, conversely, is the body’s capacity to move *actively* through space. Before we load our joints and tissues in our training, we must first make sure that we have the prerequisites to do so without injury.

This class is designed to help you restore optimal movement capacity to your joints and tissues, helping you prepare for daily life, training, and the effects of aging! Jen will guide you through movements that you can continue to practice on your own, adding them into your daily routines or workout warm ups. You will not be passively stretching muscles, or contorting yourself into giant stretches. Instead, you will learn to control, expand, and strengthen your ranges of motion, bulletproofing your joints for your sports, hobbies, and whatever life throws at you!