Trainer Smarter, Play Harder

In the year of 2020, adults and youth are craving instant knowledge more ferociously than ever before. We want to know the answers and we want them now. In the exercise world, trainers are constantly keeping their perspective lenses on especially when it comes to helping their clients reach their long term goals. We are always being asked “what’s the fastest way to lose weight?” and “what is the quickest way to get in shape?”

In this day and age of booming technology, there are fad diets and flashy exercise routines that are extremely catchy and spark curiosity, but for the most part lead to dead ends. With so many “eat this, not that” meal plans and “lift like me so you can look like me” Instagram model training programs buzzing around like mosquitos it is nearly impossible to know what is right.

At Dryland, we silence that buzz and confusion by promoting our Dryland Training System that we promise will yield results, sustainability, and wellness – which is essentially what everyone is looking for when gym shopping. We train you smarter than a traditional weight lifting routine would so you can continue to engage in the things you love- hiking, biking, or just playing with your kids in the yard.

Our training style promotes what we like to call “resilience” by using our 4 quadrant training system. We have designed our training method to mirror that of an individual’s everyday life. To organize our unique system, we have categorized movements into what we call “quadrants”.  Each quadrant houses specific movements and by training in each quadrant, we train every aspect of your life. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Here are a few examples of each quadrant’s focus and exercises that would be included within them.

Quad. 1: Loaded Linear Training (LLT) includes exercises like barbell back squat and bench press. This is your “traditional” weight lifting routine.Quad. 2. Unloaded Linear Training (ULT) includes cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming, and rowing.
Quad. 3. Loaded Multi-planar movement Training (LMT) includes any of the unique workouts you do at Dryland with the Vipr-Pro!Quad. 4. Unloaded Multi-planar movement Training (UMT) includes athletic movements in which the mover is traveling in many directions like carioca, skater hops, or agility with the Fit Lights. 

Without fully understanding this method of training, and with a few examples, you can probably already tell that we are thorough, purposeful, and centered around the core components of athletic and lifestyle performance at Dryland. You can tell our Dryland Training System (DTS)  isn’t your typical “5 day upper/lower body split” training plan. We differentiate from the traditional style because we don’t see much cross-over from a weight lifting only program into an individual’s daily life. For example, when you are unloading groceries from the car you’re using more muscles and movement patterns than you would if you were performing a 5×5 set of lat pulldown.

“So am I going to the gym to get better at unloading the groceries?” Well, yes! We are training you to be a better mover with the priority of making you more efficient, creating resilience in life and sport, and reducing your potential for injury. This is the Dryland Training System, and it is different from everything out there buzzing around you.

Reading an article about it is great, but nothing beats the experience! Come in for your free trial to see what the DTS is really all about!

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